Keane on Style Kinsale


         I always wanted to visit beautiful Kinsale and was delighted to join Lorraine Keane for Keane On Style event held in Blue Haven Hotel Kinslale.


With tickets sold out within days, it is no wonder "Keane On Style"  was the most talked about event of the month. Fashionistas from all over Co. Cork were treated to a glass of bubbly on arrival, followed by tapas and wine, make up demonstrations and beauty advice.

Award winning stylist Pat O'Neill shared his knowledge with us on how to manage hair trends with  help of some hair spray and the most common hair tools on the market... Effortless!


I loved Sarah Keary and her makeup tutorial on basic natural foundation tips and tricks. Knowledge is a key!

Peggy Stringer from Monkstown Laser Clinic, is one of Ireland leading Dermatologists and her talks on skincare are very engaging, I am a new customer and can see amazing changes to my skin after only two visits! She is the most genuine lady and absolutely the best advertisement for her clinic:)

Love, love, love Lorraine's dress from Divine and how she accessorised it with Zula necklace!

Pop up shops on the night were buzzing with customers and I got to meet so many beautiful ladies of Kinsale! Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my designs:)

Fashion show was the highlight of the night, professionally run by Lockdown Models Emer and Vivienne who made sure everything run smoothly. 

Here are models wearing Aria-V latest designs.

Pat is one gorgeous lady, she is dressed in Divine and Black Panther neck piece.

On my wish list: stunning floral dress from Divine and Amadala necklace


Bottle green is everywhere this season, I absolutely adore Divine Jumpsuit with Aria-V matching necklace!



Next stop in Killarney,

The Brehon & Angsana Spa Killarney!!!



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