Keane on Style Killarney

The Brehon Hotel and Spa
TV presenter and author Lorraine Keane hosted a glamorous evening soiree at The Brehon, Killarney on Friday, November 6.
 “Keane on Style” event included a fashion Show featuring a selection of Lorraine's favourite boutiques, designers and online retail stores, hair and make-up demonstrations from Ireland’s top professionals including Killarney’s own Pat O’Neill and beauty and skincare advice from some of Ireland’s leading experts.
My view for two days, can not wait to go back summertime!
Lorraine is wearing Divine and Aria-V Zula necklace
Lockdown Models at the end of the fashion show, wearing Divine boutique and Aria-V Jewellery.
With Mary Green, the owner of Divine Boutique (wearing Aria-V Two Way Quartz necklace) and Peggy Stringer, the owner of Monkstown Laser Clinic (wearing Silk Tassel)
Fabulous Pat Walker (Lockdown Models) in Divine Boutique and Metallic Goddess neck piece.
xxx, Varya
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