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Natural stones A

All natural stones have gone through a geological process of heating, cooling and displacement and come from one unified source - Mother Earth. Each stone is made up of minute crystals which are in constant motion and its energy is influenced by geometrical form, purity, colour and subtle vibration that can stimulate, calm, purify or heal. Mankind have used gemstones for healing since ancient time as far as the fourth millennium before Christ. Evidence of gemstones used for healing is recorded by the history of Ancient civilizations such as Chinese, Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks, Romans, Shamans. Amazonite   A stone of healing which aligns the physical body & energy field, thus producing a balancing, preventive & rejuvenating energy. Eliminates aggravation by...

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First Post

Welcome to Aria-V first ever post. I can't describe how excited and proud we are to share our creations, aspirations and designs with you. All items are handmade, created  in limited quantities for that unique look we know you aspire to achieve. Don't we know how frustrating it can be to invest in a piece of jewellery we love only to discover everybody else is wearing it?  Well... here is some good news; it won't happen here! Our goal is to create unique pieces in very limited quantities. Most of our pieces are one-off unless specified in product description. Please feel free to leave your comments, feedback or suggestions as they are greatly appreciated. There is nothing we love more...

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